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Criminal Record

Tod Productions / STV Studios
Apple TV+
In Production
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On Air
In Production
1 Series
8 Episodes
Apple TV+
Lead Cast
Peter Capaldi
Cush Jumbo
Production Type
Crime thriller series
Paul Rutman
Jim Loach
Shaun James Grant
Elaine Collins


Criminal Record

Coming soon to Apple TV+, Criminal Record is a powerful, character-driven thriller set in the heart of contemporary London, which sees Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo take on lead roles as detectives in a tug of war over a historic murder conviction. An anonymous phone call draws the two brilliant detectives - one a young woman in the early stages of her career, the other a well-connected man determined to protect his legacy - into a confrontation over the old murder case.


The eight-part series, a co-production between Tod Productions and STV Studios, is written by Paul Rutman and touches on issues of race, institutional failure, and the quest to find common ground in a polarised Britain.