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Blue Lights

Two Cities Television
On Air
1 Series
6 Episodes
Lead Cast
Siân Brooke
Katherine Devlin
Nathan Braniff
Production Type
Police drama series


Blue Lights

Produced in Belfast for BBC One, Blue Lights is an original police drama created by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson (writers of The Salisbury Poisonings) and produced by Two Cities Television, part of the STV Studios family. The series tells the story of three rookie police officers working in contemporary Belfast, a city in which being a frontline response cop comes with a unique set of pressures and dangers. As they learn the basics of their profession, the officers have to come to terms with a constant threat. The pressure is immense - but if they succumb to it, they won’t survive...


Blue Lights features an ensemble cast including Siân Brooke (Guilt), Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones) and newcomers Katherine Devlin and Nathan Braniff. It launched to critical acclaim in March 2023 and was swiftly recommissioned by the BBC, with series two expected in 2024.


Blue Lights placed fifth in The Sunday Times' best TV shows of 2023 list and third in the Radio Times' list of the top TV dramas of the year, behind Succession and Happy Valley. The series was also ranked number 7 in both the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian's best TV shows of 2023 lists, with the former calling it "fresh as a daisy" and the latter describing it as "six hours of raw, relentless TV".

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