Treasure hunting on Antiques Road Trip

21 September 2017 For more information, please email our Press Office

Antiques Road Trip returns to BBC One with record breaking sale.

Long running hit show Antiques Road Trip returns to BBC One next week with an extraordinary five figure record sale, as antiques expert Paul Laidlaw makes a £19,940 profit on a rare camera – by far the biggest figure in the history of the show.

Antiques Road Trip returns on Monday 25th September at 16.30 on BBC One. Paul’s record breaking auction sale will air on Friday 29th September.

“Not only Antiques Road Trip, but the whole antiques profession can be distilled down to treasure hunting. Everyone’s looking for the Ming vase amongst the dreary Victorian Willow pattern dinnerware, or the Stradivarius amongst the old ex-school violins.”

Paul Laidlaw – antiques expert

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