The Scammers are back!

26 April 2017 For more information, please email our Press Office

STV are taking another look into the devastating range of financial fraud taking place in Scotland with the return of popular series ‘Stopping Scotland’s Scammers’.

This new series, presented by Jackie Brambles, will look into Scotland’s most common scams, giving the viewer an insight into the extreme lengths scammers will go to in order to pinch your hard earned pounds.

During four 30-minute episodes, we meet the victims of Scotland’s Scammers. They range from empty EBay promises to Britain’s largest recorded cyber scam, when a Glasgow man stole a staggering £113 million from multiple businesses and individuals across the country. As well as the victims, we meet those who are here to help, prevention experts, industry insiders and ethical hackers. They are on hand to arm consumers with the best advice on how to avoid falling victim to these every increasing financial swindles.

After filming presenter Jackie Brambles said: “More than anything else, once again I have been struck by the generosity of spirit of the people that I met throughout the making of the series, who choose to share their stories in the hope to prevent others going through the financially and emotionally traumatic experience of being scammed. So tune in, take note and make sure you’re doing your part in stopping Scotland’s scammers.”

Stopping Scotland’s Scammers is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

“At the Royal Bank of Scotland we know how important it is to make sure people are aware of the threat financial crime poses. STV’s stopping Scotland’s Scammers is a great opportunity for the public to hear from experts on the importance of being aware of the issue – and how they can help protect themselves from such criminality.”

Malcolm Buchanan – Chair of the RBS’s Scottish board


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