Our team

STV Studios is home to a dedicated team of storytellers, enthusiasts, pragmatists, dreamers and doers. We pour passion and skill into every project and strive to bring the highest quality programming to the UK and abroad. Let us show you what we can do.

David Mortimer

Managing Director,

STV Studios

Paul Sheehan

Chief Operating Officer,

STV Studios

Sarah Brown

Creative Director,


Gary Chippington

Creative Director,


Craig Hunter

Creative Director,


Claire Armspach

Head of Drama Development

Josephine Brassey

Head of Entertainment Development

Lucy Hazzard

Head of Factual Development

John Redshaw

Executive Producer

Rosy Marshall-McCrae

Executive Producer

Gemma McAllister

Head of Production, Entertainment, Primal & Barefaced

Sarah Forster

Head of Production, Factual

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