Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson

British family farms have been passed down through the generations, but today, making a living from farming is harder than ever. To survive, farmers need to change their ways and in this series, Adam Henson meets the farmers risking it all in a fight for survival. Transforming drab barns into luxuriously useable spaces, tapping into the lucrative tourist trade and maximising profit with farm to fork ventures. Each week Adam visits a new farm and follows their journey, through the highs and lows, from the brink to bold new adventure.

“Farmers have been diversifying for generations, but through the filming of this series we know there’s even more reason to transform their businesses and change direction now. Over the past six months we’ve met incredible people dealing with some of the most difficult challenges facing farmers today. It was a privilege to hear their stories and follow their journeys with Adam, and we’re pleased to share their experiences with viewers across the UK in Our Family Farm Rescue.”
– Craig Hunter, Creative Director, Factual, STV Studios

Starts Tuesday 20 July on Channel 5 at 9pm and runs for four weeks.

Commissioned by Channel 5.

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