Couples to try and fix their relationships in new Channel 4 series, Sex Tape

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17 April 2018 For more information, please email our Press Office

Channel 4 has commissioned STV Productions to produce Sex Tape – a brand new four-part relationship series in which couples will try to fix their relationships with a dramatic new therapy.

The show’s format has been developed by Armoza Formats – a key player in the international content market – with the original concept conceived by psychologist, marriage therapist and sexuality expert Dr Shelly Varod.

In each hour-long episode three couples will have their home rigged with cameras to create their very own ‘sex tape’.  This will become an unfiltered snapshot of their relationship, showing every aspect from the rows and the make ups to the tender moments and the sex.  The three couples will then meet each other, along with a sex therapist, to reveal to each other their uncensored tapes  to see if they can gain a new perspective on their relationship. Will what they see on the cameras and hear from the sex therapists and other couples change their relationship?

Sex Tape was commissioned by Channel 4 Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor Becky Cadman and will be produced by STV Productions, with Head of Entertainment Gary Chippington the Executive Producer for the show.

“Sex Tape promises a unique fly on the wall look at relationships as they really happen including the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s an innovative new format that will hopefully help people recapture the romance in their relationship.”

Becky Cadman, Channel 4 Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor 

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