Emmy award-winning filmmaker Chris Terrill of Uppercut Films, along with STV Productions, has produced a remarkable portrait of the UK's first super carrier and her crew.

From shipyard to sea

13 April 2018 For more information, please email our Press Office

A unique new series which tells the extraordinary story of ‘HMS Queen Elizabeth’ – the largest and most advanced warship ever constructed in Britain – starts this Sunday, 15th April on BBC Two at 8pm.

Award-winning filmmaker Chris Terrill of Uppercut Films teamed up with STV Productions to co- produce Britain’s Biggest Warship, a specialist factual series which follows the massive 65,000 tonnes vessel – which, at 280m is longer than the Houses of Parliament – on its epic maiden journey from shipyard to sea.

Filmed over three years, this remarkable specialist factual series provides a fascinating and revealing insight into the sea trials of HMS Queen Elizabeth – the first time sea trials of a warship have ever been filmed.  The series focuses on the people breathing life into the ship as they are tested to their limits – those who built her, those who sail her and those who will fly from her.

“HMS Queen Elizabeth is a remarkable feat of British engineering and it has been my privilege to witness her growth and development since the cutting of her first steel in 2009. The culmination for me was to be granted exclusive access to film the ship’s make or break sea trials because no such trials of a prototype warship have ever been filmed before.  But as innovative and ground breaking as this gargantuan super carrier may be – the real story for me was always the men and women whose task it was to breathe life in to her.”

Chris Terrill

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