Babushka Begins!

25 January 2017 For more information, please email our Press Office

Babushka: even the name conjures up excitement and intrigue and after you see it, you won’t be disappointed.

STV productions are taking the helm of this ITV commissioned high stakes prime time powerhouse. Hosted by the enigmatic Rylan Clark-Neal, we follow contestants as they try and beat the dolls for a chance to win the £44,000 jackpot. On they’re search for cash the contestants must open 8 of 10 giant ‘Babushka’ dolls, if the doll is empty they lose everything, if there is a smaller doll inside the excitement continues. Created by Armoza Formats, Babushka is a thrilling combination of knowledge, strategy and pure luck. And with no exit points and no eliminations, the Babushka experience is packed with amazing highs and emotional lows as the contestants stake their winnings at every stage!


Gary Chippington – Head of Entertainment, STV Productions

“Like all the best formats, ‘Babushka’ is simple, addictive and slightly unhinged, and we’re really excited to be working with ITV to bring this to their audience. Contestants and viewers are going to be gripped as the Babushka dolls real some fantastic prizes.”


Avi Armoza – CEO, Armoza Formats

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ITV and STV on ‘Babushka’, who we see as the perfect partners to bring this unique format to life in the UK. This game show sets out to break the conventional dynamics of the genre – bringing back the real thrill of game shows without any of the safety nets.”

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